CSSE375 Assignment: Parsing Calendar Data

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1 What is this?

So imagine that you’re writing an application take takes different feeds of calendar event data. The goal of this application is to load in a variety of different kinds of event data and produce a unified calendar with all the events listed on the day they occur. The code you’ve been give implements a rudimentary user interface. It asks for a input file and a calendar format. Then it puts you into “command mode” where you can enter specific commands. Right now the only command that works is “displayday” which finds all the events that occur on a particular day and prints out summaries of all the title of events that occur on that day.

You can see an example of it working below (the data file in question is Examples/Duke/simple_sample.xml).

Ready for commands! Available commands: 
displayday YYYY MM DD
> displayday 2012 11 01
Example event 1
Example event 2
> displayday 2012 11 02
Example event 3 (different day)
> quit
Exiting normally.

The code you’ve been given is designed to parse two kinds of data source. One is a kind of calendar data used by Duke university. The other is the output of GoogleCalendar. Both of these formats are XML.

I’ve included some sample data, but if you’d like to generate your own you can do so here: http://calendar.duke.edu/static/url_machine/ https://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/hewner@gmail.com/public/basic

You can also find instructions for getting your own google calendar data here (use the XML options):


If you’re not familiar with XML files, you can see a brief intro here: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/tutorials/xmlintro/section2.html.

2 What do I need to do?

So right now the code is ugly. I'm not going to enumerate its design problems (we'll talk about it a little in class) - I'd like to see your take.

Imagine that we want to take this idea of interacting with different calendars and expand it. We want to add many more supported types of calendars, and we want to add many more operations. We want a design that will let us add support for new calendar types and new operations really easily.

Refactor the code to improve the design and make the code clean.

It should require significant changes, including new classes, structure, etc.

Do not change the functionality of the code at all - from the user's perspective, the code should function in exactly the same way.

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