History Rewriting

Table of Contents

1 Step 1: Reading

Read section 7.6 of the Git Pro book.

2 Step 2: Try an interactive rebase

In the js-parsons repo, first reset any crazyness you've done:

git checkout deeffdf

Here's the first couple commits:

deeffdf Load jQueryUI touch punch and local jQ and jQUI in all examples
f71110c Add option and example to disable indentation
c9950b1 Clear feedback when changing toggles (#23)
1e6b793 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vkaravir/js-parsons
7e64813 Minor css fixes to prevent misbehaving in some environments
939a576 Fix output comparison in variablechecking
c72f4a5 Updated Skulpt; new option to turtle grader
8d9663f Merge pull request #21 from vkaravir/vartest-feedback-fix
8a1586c Merge pull request #20 from vkaravir/logging-fixes
d2e3233 Make toggle separator configurable
ce0b906 Fix coloring of variable values in variable checker feedback

What to do:

  1. Reorder deeffdf and f71110c
  2. c72f4a5 modifies 3 files. Change it into 3 commits that modify one file.
  3. Change the commit message of 939a576 to "Buffalo is cool"
  4. Merge d2e3233 and ce0b906 into 1 commit (also squash 283bb73 which will appear between them in the rebase)

3 Step 3

Write a command - its a one line - that would let you add the file "/tmp/addme.txt" to every commit in the master branch.

4 Step 4

Just provide the output of "git log –oneline | head -10" and your oneliner in the moodle commit.

Author: Buffalo, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Created: 2016-05-02 Mon 11:35

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