Push All Branches

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1 Step 1: Reading

Read Ch 3.5

2 Step 2: Getting a test environment set up

So this is about copying branches between repos. For that to work, you need 2 repos you can easily write to that are clones of each other.

Luckly, you can clone repos on your local filesystem just like you clone a repo on a remote server. To start, pick some repo that has a bunch of branches.

~/git/testrepo % git branch
 * master
~/git/testrepo % cd /tmp
/tmp % git clone ~/git/testrepo
Cloning into 'testrepo'...
/tmp % cd testrepo
/tmp/testrepo % git branch
 * master

As you can see, when you clone it will only clone the master branch. But don't worry, your code will fix that.

3 Step 3: Push all branches

So the design of this command is to detect all the branches on the remote repo that are not on the local repo, and create corresponding branches on that remote. Branches are "corresponding" in the case if they have the same name.

Your script should take one parameter – the repo to push to – and it should create any branch on that repo that exists on yours that doesn't exist on that repo. The SHA of the created branch should match whatever is in your repo. Use the push command to do this - don't cd into the other repo and run it like it's local. That will work in the test environment but it wouldn't work if the actual repo was a GitHub repo or whatever.

Branches that already exist in both repos have should not be modified. Don't worry about it if the remote branch has branches you don't have – the goal here is to create all your branches on the remote, not keep both in sync.

~/git/testrepo % push-all-branches.rb --remote /tmp/testrepo
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
To /tmp/testrepo
 * [new branch]      otherbranch -> otherbranch
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
To /tmp/testrepo
 * [new branch]      testmerge -> testmerge
~/git/testrepo % cd /tmp/testrepo
/tmp/testrepo % git branch
 * master

Hint: to figure out which branches are on a remote branch, use

git ls-remote --heads

If you'd like some code to start with, look here:


4 Step 4: Turn-in

In this case you'll just submit the code via Moodle.

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